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A Customized NetBeans Window Manager: Drag & Drop Top Components In Floating/Separated Windows!

I love NetBeans and the NetBeans Platform for creating Rich Client Applications.  I first started using NetBeans while searching for a new application framework to port an existing Swing application. I needed more sophisticated window management.  The NetBeans Platform provided a lot of the functionality I was looking for: an easy way to create modular extensible applications… Read More »

NetBeans Application With Optional Module

This is a demonstration of a NetBeans application that can call code in ModuleB if ModuleB is installed/activated but also operate without ModuleB.  No reflection is used. ModuleA can invoke classes defined in ModuleB. Watch the application in action: This is a hack to circumvent the NB Module class loading restrictions. I’m not sure what… Read More »

NetBeans Optional Module

Creating an application that uses an optional module when it is available Create a platform suite application – for this demonstration I called it MyAppWithOptionalModule Add Module A Create an Installer/Activator This is for quick demonstration purposes, you don’t need to use an Intaller/Activator this code could be placed in your own class! Add a… Read More »

GrayLog – Monitoring Dashboard

GrayLog is an open source log management and analysis tool that can be used to monitor an applications health assist with debugging and identify trends. To get started quickly GrayLog can be downloaded as a Virtual Machine image – already configured.  We will be using Virtual Box to run our instance. Goto Press the “Install… Read More »

LogMX + NetBeans

I just created a NetBeans Plugin that implements LogMX GotoSource functionality. LogMX is an intuitive and cross-platform tool, for developers and administrators analyzing log files. Using a nice and powerful graphical interface, LogMX parses, displays and monitors any logs from any source. The LogMX NetBeans Plugin integrates LogMX & NetBeans. When viewing a stack trace in… Read More »