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A Customized NetBeans Window Manager: Drag & Drop Top Components In Floating/Separated Windows!

I love NetBeans and the NetBeans Platform for creating Rich Client Applications.  I first started using NetBeans while searching for a new application framework to port an existing Swing application. I needed more sophisticated window management.  The NetBeans Platform provided a lot of the functionality I was looking for: an easy way to create modular extensible applications… Read More »

NetBeans Application With Optional Module

This is a demonstration of a NetBeans application that can call code in ModuleB if ModuleB is installed/activated but also operate without ModuleB.  No reflection is used. ModuleA can invoke classes defined in ModuleB. Watch the application in action: This is a hack to circumvent the NB Module class loading restrictions. I’m not sure what… Read More »

NetBeans Optional Module

Creating an application that uses an optional module when it is available Create a platform suite application – for this demonstration I called it MyAppWithOptionalModule Add Module A Create an Installer/Activator This is for quick demonstration purposes, you don’t need to use an Intaller/Activator this code could be placed in your own class! Add a… Read More »